Kaligandaki Community Hospital

Kaligandaki Hospital(l5 bedded District level hospital) was established in 1989 A.D. recommended by Ministry of Health, Nepal. This hospital was initiated by some enthusiastic doctors (Dr. Gopal Khanal and Dr. Chhabilal Thapa) and social workers (Rudra Devkota, Homnath Bhattrai and Devraj Dhakal) at Rampur, a remote village of Palpa district of Nepal. During that time, the village was lack of electricity, telecommunication and transport facilities. In spite of lacking these facilities, the hospital covered its services to the people of Nawalparasi, Tanahu, Palpa and Syangja districts of Nepal.

Kali Gandaki Community Hospital was established in 2046 by some enthusiastic doctors (Dr.GopalKhanal and Dr. Chabilal Thapa) and social workers (Rudra Devkota, Ham Nath Bhattrai & Dev Raj Dhakal) in Rampur Village of Palpa, a remote district of Nepal. The village was lock of electricity and good transportation facilities. in spite of lacking these facilities the hospital the hospital covered its services to the people of Nawalparasi, Tanahu, Palpa and remote of Chitwan district of Nepal.

Health service is basic need of the people. Nepalese health standard is very low as compared to the standard of other developing countries. Therefore, government of Nepal committed to raise the status of the rural and urban people by delivering high quality health services at the central, district and village level throughout the kingdom. The world "Hospital" is closely related to the word, "Hospital" and is derived from the word "Hospital" which means a place for refuge, a house for rest.

In spite of the progress made in the health sector as a result of the efforts made during the past development plans, Nepal is still lagging behind in these sector compared with the health standard of the other developing countries. In such context the government alone is not in the position to cater the need of the people and uplift the general health standard. For this reason, due priority has been given to the privet and public sector to participate in providing health services. However most of the private health facilitiesfiare centererd in well developed citied areas and at the same team are expensive Because of this reason they are not easily accessible to the general population. In such situation the facilities provided by community hospital like Kali Gandaki Hospital are within the reach of the common people of its catchment‘s areas.