HR, Facilities, Methods, Materials in SMRC

Human Resources: Following faculties will run the training and researches in this center under the supervision and leadership of

Dr. Chhabi Lal  Thapa and Dr. Gopal Prasad Khanal

Mr. Deb Prasad Pandey - Zoologist. Snake and Snakebite Epidemiology. Birendra Multiple Campus, Bharatpur. Chitwan

Prof.. Karan Bhadur Shah - Herpetologist. Tribhuvan University. Kathmandu

Dr. Lekhjung Thapa - Neurologist, College of Medical Sciences. Bharatpur

Prof. Dr. Sanjib Kumar Sharma - BPKHS, Dharan

Dr. Jitendra M Shrestha - EDCD, Min. of Health,, Nepal Gov., Kathmandu

Mr. Lat N. Shah - EDCD, Min. of Health, Nepal Gov., Kathmandu


For the well management of any specific complexities of Snakebite victims admitted in this hospital, we have made an agreement to manage our referral cases in College of Medical Sciences (highly facilitate tertiary health care center). Bharatpur, These patients will be looked after by very dedicated and research oriented medicos in that hospital. So, we hypothesize that we can reduce mortality rate by 50% within few years in this region.

This center will also be the training center for school teachers who have been learningerroneous snakebite methods to their students. In addition, different groups of society such as
women, farmers, forest visitors, NGOs, etc will also get opportunity to learn about Snakebite and snake in this center.